Fairy Tale Museum

A magical museum of fairy tale treasures near Cyprus’ buffer zone.


In Nicosia, Cyprus, there’s a museum that brings a touch of whimsical delight to a street just outside the city’s grim demilitarized zone along the Green Line.

Opened in February 2017, the Fairy Tale Museum is the perfect place to explore the magical world of fairy tales. Located in a renovated Grade II listed building, the museum aims to preserve and promote fairy stories, legends, myths, and traditions from Cyprus, Greece, and other places around the world.

Fairy Tale Museum
Fairy Tale Museum

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London’s priceless views for just £1

Faux vistas trialled in London hotel for a quid by budget chain easyHotel.

Forget fake news, one hotel is promoting ‘fake views’ to allow guests jaw-dropping vistas of London at a fraction of the bank-busting prices often charged by others in the UK capital.

These fake window views of iconic London landmarks are being trialled by budget hotel chain easyHotel for customers at its Old Street Hotel.

The views enable guests to experience the majesty of some of the city’s finest locations without having to pay a premium for a fancy view.

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