I don’t know why I like trains so much. It’s something that certainly has stuck around since childhood, when I would constantly nag my Dad to take me down to the railway bridge near our house so I could watch diesels and shunters ferry passengers and goods around. Maybe its the size of them, or the speed, or perhaps its the predictability of being able to know exactly where they will go because they are always attached to rails?

I like cars, but their routes are not fixed and, as a lover of travel, its harder to have a shared experience with more than just your immediate passengers in a motor car. On a train, at least you can imagine having travelled the same rails and enjoying the same views as countless people before you and ones that go back much further historically than those that have traversed our planet by road.

I’m 31 and love to travel and this blog is about my love of both and how I try to combine them whenever I get the chance to explore beyond my own environs. I do always try to incorporate the beauty of railways in to my holidays; dangling a slap-up meal in front of my partner at a far-flung destination before dragging him around a museum centred on the permanent way.

Don’t worry though, my anorak remains hung up in my cupboard… most of the time.

Engine 374
CPR Engine 374 pulled the first transcontinental passenger train into Vancouver in 1887 and is now on display in the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre, Vancouver