Bed and Bizarre

Weetabix covered in Marmite for breakfast? Err… maybe not.

Full English Breakfast

Back bacon, sausage, eggs, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread and toast with butter…

When holidaying in the UK, there’s nothing quite like waking up in a bed and breakfast to the joys of a traditional English fry-up.

Admittedly, I have a passionate dislike for baked beans (although full English breakfast aficionados would say that baked beans should never be offered as part of a fry-up) and most holidaymakers have one or two alternate requests to the advertised menu when ordering their dish at a B&B – but corn flakes in lager is certainly one you wouldn’t expect as a hotelier.

However, corn flakes and Carling is a thing… according to one UK bed and breakfast, who received the request from a guest one bizarre morning.

Bed and BReakfast
“Yes, we would be delighted to serve you cornflakes and Carling, Sir”

This is just the tip of the holiday iceberg however and I urge you to spare a thought for the thousands of B&B owners across the country who have to deal with the most unusual of breakfast time requests from their customers, which has been brought to light in a new poll.

B&B survey

Some UK 6,600 bed and breakfast owners were quizzed by eviivo and alongside the cereal and beer combo, British innkeepers have also been asked for a morning serving of king prawn vindaloo and a boiled egg, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for the dog and, my favourite, the ingredients for a lodger to then cook pasta in tomato and garlic sauce inside their guestroom kettle.

Some of the best responses are listed below:

  • “Chicken and salad with vegetables”
  • “A plate of fried onions”
  • “Five rashers of bacon in porridge”
  • “Steak and spaghetti”
  • “Ribeye steak and chips”
  • “A curry omelette”
  • “Eggs and Lea & Perrins sauce”
  • “Dry Weetabix”
  • “Smoked salmon and HP Sauce”
  • “Scrambled egg on toast ‘with no egg’”
  • “Miso soup”
  • “Yoghurt with pepper”
  • “Weetabix spread with Marmite”
  • “Muesli with no milk”

And, just because it is such an amazing thought, I will write it again:

“A bag of uncooked pasta and a jar of Lloyd Grossman tomato and garlic sauce” (which the guest then cooked inside the kettle in his room).

Someone needs to have words.

Full English tops the lot

Unsurprisingly, the survey revealed that most B&Bs (63 per cent) reported that guests favour the traditional full English breakfast, but 17 per cent said that guests in the main preferred a continental breakfast featuring croissants. Ten per cent said that muesli was the most popular choice.

Muesli, on holiday? Again, someone needs to have words.

Have you or someone you know made a ludicrous breakfast request while away from home? Let me know in the comments below.

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